November 15 - A Cross-cultural Dialogue of the Arts: Migrations across Music, Literature and Painting in Spanish America


Join us for a talk by Dr. Cintia Cristiá, "A Cross-cultural Dialogue of the Arts: Migrations across Music, Literature and Painting in Spanish America" in the second event of the Literature and Music in Dialogue Series,  on Thursday, November 15, 2018 from 1-2pm in Stong 214.

In this talk Professor Cristiá will discuss what elements can migrate from one artistic medium to the other and how does such a transformation is achieved? This lecture examines the relations across the arts by focusing on three case studies from Spanish America. A painting by Xul Solar representing Chopin’s music (1949), a novel by Cortazar imitating classical music techniques and jazz improvisation (1963), and a musical composition by Ezequiel Diz (2012) inspired on a painting by Otto Dix offer the possibility of examining both cross-cultural and cross-artistic influences. A comparative analysis of these works can enable a deeper understanding of creative processes and illuminate an existing dialogue between Spanish America and the European art tradition. This dialogue explores both cross-cultural affinities and the limits and possibilities of both the materials and the modes of representation of each art.

Her typology of convergence and migration brings together the basics of  this inter-artistic communication: convergence alludes to the presence of different artistic media in the same work (e.g., opera), while migration indicates the borrowing of certain aspects of one art by the other, through four possible channels: emotion, material, morphology and concept. This method stems from Souriau’s theory of a fundamental artistic correspondence; it is further supported by statements about the analogy between music and painting by Kandinsky, Klee, Boulez and Berio that also stress the potential for creative cross-fertilization.

Dr. Cintia Cristia holds a PhD in Music History and Musicology (2004) and a Master of Music (2000) from the Université de Paris-Sorbonne. She is a Professor at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Argentina), the author of a groundbreaking book on Argentinean artist Alejandro Xul Solar, and the editor of a critical volume examining the interrelation between different art forms in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Exploring the relationship between music, visual arts, and literature, Dr. Cristia’s work has been published internationally and has received awards in the fields of musicology and art critique. Dr. Cristia also collaborates regularly with pianist Alexander Panizza on lecture-recital conference presentations and audiovisual events. As a Visiting Research Fellow at the Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre, she investigates the significance of music and sound in Florine Stettheimer’s work under the supervision of Dr. Irene Gammel, and leads a workshop on how to research, write, and publish across the arts.

Classical nylon guitar lying on red velvet textile, artistic instrument presentation.