York students make their mark at Ontario Japanese Speech Contest

The 38th annual Ontario Japanese Speech Contest was held at the University of Toronto on Feb. 29. Nine students from York University's Japanese Studies program participated in the contest's four categories. Five students from York took home prizes. Lily Feng In the beginners’ category, the grand prize went to Lily Feng, while Mohona Meeftahul won the third place prize. Anson Wong brought home the first-place […]

Display at DLLL celebrates diversity of language

A display at York University’s Keele Campus celebrating International Mother Language Day highlights linguistic and cultural diversity and promotes the protection and preservation of languages. The display was organized by the linguistics section, with the Linguistics Students Association in the Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics (DLLL) as part of its ongoing World Cultures Celebrations […]

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics

York University’s Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics (DLLL) celebrates the Chinese New Year as part of the World Cultures Celebrations initiative to recognize and respect cultural diversities and festivals around the world. The Chinese New Year celebrates the beginning of the Chinese lunar calendar to honor deities and ancestors. This festival is widely rejoiced […]

York University students shine at Chinese Bridge competition and student MC contest

York University students enrolled in Chinese studies continue to make an impression at the Chinese Bridge, a high-profile international Chinese language proficiency competition for university students. This year, students Christopher Kelayna, Vera Kornilovsky and Amra Mujithaba placed first, second and third, respectively. Kornilovsky tied for second place and Mujithaba was one of three students to […]

Día de Muertos - On October 28, 2019, an Ofrenda was assembled by the Spanish Program, led by Professor Shanna Lino and her students in Spanish 3000.

Día de Muertos Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is an ancient Mexican tradition, usually observed on November 1, which honours the deceased in cheerful celebration. Typically, family and friends gather to remember those who have died in order to help support their spiritual journey. This holiday has been recognized as an example of […]

Students studying Portuguese at York University write book of short stories for children in Guinea-Bissau

Learning a language is, above all, a meaningful experiential and cultural opportunity. For students enrolled in Portuguese 2000 (Intermediate Portuguese) at York University, this past year provided the opportunity to learn about the Portuguese nation of Guinea-Bissau  and the struggle for many children to access education and literacy. Students spent several months engaged in a […]