Grants & Conferences

Conferences, Grants & Current Projects

  • Congratulations to Sheila Embleton who was awarded SSHRC funding for two collaborative projects she is working on with colleagues from Glendon, the Faculty of Education, and OISE:
    • 2012-2016: SSHRCC Insight Grant $128,605
      The Nature of Dialect: Exploring Dialect Relationships with an Expanded Online Dialect Atlas. (with Dorin Uritescu and Eric Wheeler)
    • 2014-2016 SSHRCC Insight Development Grant $71,275
      “China, India and the Challenge to Canada's 'Diplomacy of Knowledge': A Comparative Study of the Internationalization of Higher Education”. (with Roopa Desai Trilokekar, Qiang Zha and Ruth Hayhoe)
  • Congratulations to Ruth King who was able to secure a major grant from the SSHRC Insight Grant fund worth $242,907. Over the course of 4 years, she and her collaborators will investigate dialect contact and the sociolinguistic history of Acadian French. (Co-Investigators: Philip Comeau, University of Ottawa & Carmen LeBlanc, Carleton University; Collaborator: Gary R. Butler, York University).
  • With support from SSHRC ($20,000) and LAPS, Founders, and DLLL ($4,000), Walid El Khachab organized the ACANS (The Arab Canadian Studies conference in March 2014 at York. The conference brought twenty scholars and graduate students from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and London, UK, together. The funds will also help to publish a book about immigration and transnational citizenship, which will be based on the papers submitted to the conference.
  • In March 2014, Jessica Li was awarded a SSHRC connection grant of $9,043 to support the research workshop “Cultural Translation and Canadian-Chinese Studies” in March 2014.
  • Congratulations to Geoff Lawrence who was awarded an International Collaboration Grant of $4,600 for the research project “Examining Telecollaboration in Graduate Language Teacher Education.” For the 2014-15 project, he works together with colleagues at Tel Aviv University.
  • As part of the organizing and academic committee, Themis Aravossitas is involved in the organization of an international conference entitled Rethinking Language, Diversity and Education. The conference will be hosted by the University of the Aegean, in Rhodes, Greece in May 2015.
  • Philipp Angermeyer is co-organizing a conference on multilingualism and interpreting in settings of globalization. The conference will be held at Ghent University (Belgium) in February next year. It is part of a collaboration project with Dr. Katrijn Maryns at Ghent University, which is supported by an LA&PS Seed Grant for International Collaborations. Further Information can be found here:
  • Jana Vizmuller-Zocco and Roberta Iannacito-Provenzano organized the second conference on social media. The international conference “Social Media: Implications for Politics, Religion, and Gender”  (pdf) held from 8-9 May, 2014 at York University. At the moment, Profs. Vizmuller-Zocco and Iannacito-Provenzano are finishing work on an edited volume entitled Social Media: Implications for the University. This publication is the result of the 2013 conference on social media and their consequences for higher education.
  • James Walker acted as program committee chair and organized the annual meeting of the Canadian Linguistics Association at Brock University in May 2014.
  • On March 13-14, 2014, Jessica Li organized a research workshop on “Cultural Translation and Chinese-Canadian Studies” at the York Centre for Asian Research, York University, Toronto.
  • In May 2014, Gabriele Mueller organized the annual meeting of CAUTG (Canadian Association of University Teachers of German) at Brock University.